The smart security deposit for commercial office leases.

Securiti is a revolutionary financing tool for office tenants and offers landlords enhanced protection at no additional cost.

40-70% cheaper than alternative financing solutions - as low as 2% annually
500+ Brokers currently introducing Securiti as part of lease discussions
square feet of available office space to utilize Securiti

Free up your
cash and credit capacity

  • Reduce moving expenses with smaller cash outlay
  • No impact on credit capacity so your business can borrow as needed

Close deals
faster and more efficiently

  • Differentiate yourself from other brokers
  • Add value with a tool customized for your client

Offer as a tenant amenity in your portfolio

  • Market “deposit-light” office space as a competitive advantage
  • Combine with traditional security deposits to enhance protection

How It Works for Businesses

Replace the need for cash or a letter of credit for an annual fee as low as 2%


Pay a small annual premium

  • Rates are determined by the results of our underwriting

Lower your moving

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  • Your landlord is issued a surety bond backed by Chubb Insurance (A++)

Spend your money the way you want

  • Keep your cash in-house
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With Securiti, we can now offer a flexible and financially efficient alternative to traditional letters of credit without compromising our risk and credit standards.

Jeremy Moss

EVP and Director of Leasing of Silverstein Properties

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Securiti is bringing innovation to an aspect of the commercial real estate leasing process that hasn't seen innovation in years. Check out our recent articles, case studies, and white papers for industry trends and use cases. 

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